• Trapped Undercover


    Let me start by stressing the importance of your assignment. As some of our most trusted agents in the organisation, only you are suitable for this difficult task.


    I shall keep this short as time is of the essence – information has been received that suggest one of our rank is a double agent.


    We believe the agent in question used an MI6 surveillance van last. Your assignment is to search this van for any clue as to the double agent’s identity. As master cryptographers, we trust you have the skills to succeed. In the interests of national security, you cannot fail in your task.


    I repeat, you cannot fail.



    This is a mobile escape room available for hire.


    Trapped Undercover is a mobile escape game. The surveillance van is available for half day hire and full day hire for corporate parties, team building, festivals, birthday parties and more.

    £649 | £899

    Half Day Hire | Full Day Hire


    Your hire includes a game master, van hire and free delivery within the M25. For use outside this area, contact us for a quote on additional mileage cost. Parking must be provided for this experience.


    Half day hire includes 3 hour long game sessions or 6 half hour game sessions for 18 to 38 players.


    Full day hire includes 5 hour long game sessions or 10 half hour game sessions for 30 to 60 players.


    If you have a larger group and are interested, this is something we can accommodate. Simply contact us to organise a game day with us.

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  • FAQs

    How many people can be in the room at one time?

    We recommend 6 as the optimum number but Trapped Undercover can take up to 8 players.


    What is a mobile escape game?

    Trapped Undercover is a fully renovated and kitted out panel van. This makes the escape room able to travel to you! The van is delivered free within the M25 and is fully ready to play. It does require a car space where it can park.


    What is the delivery cost?

    Delivery of the escape van is included in free within the M25. Outside of this area, there is a £1 per mile fee. For an exact quote to your location, contact us directly.

    What about parking?

    We do currently not provide parking within the hire price. For this experience, parking needs to be supplied by yourselves.

    How many people can the escape van fit?


    This escape van has room for 6-8 players at a time. The game can work on rotation with either 1 hour or 30 minutes games for larger groups. With half day hire, we can run 3 hour long games or 6 half hour games for between 6 to 38 players. With full day hire, we can run 5 hour long games or 10 half hour games for 30 to 60 players.

    How does the rotation work?

    The game works on rotation for larger bookings. This makes it perfect to bring to the office or park at a party. As groups of 6-8 go through the game, everyone else is able to go on with their own thing. The game rotates in either half hour or hour long games.


    If you’d like to make a day of it, we can create a bespoke experience with various other activities, including our other escape rooms, laser tag, paintball airsoft or arcade/virtual reality games.

    We’re just one team (3 to 8 players), do we have to hire the van to play?


    If you have a team but don’t wish to hire the van for a half day/full day, don’t panic! The van is stationary at one of our locations in London. Trapped Undercover can be played as a regular escape game for £25 per player. Simply contact us to arrange this.